Website Offers Some First Time Boater Safety Tips

boatingRegardless whether you buy a new boat or a slightly used, it all comes down to safety on the water. If you are not taking the necessary precautions before heading out for the day, you risk more than damaging your boat. Take into consideration the following boating safety tips from and you will be in a better position to have fun times creating cherished memories with your family and friends.

Never mix alcohol and boating. No matter how long you plan on being out for the day, impaired vision could really put you and others in harms way. The reason you need to be completely focused while driving your boat is because you may not see that swimmer in the water, that small boat or jet skis ahead of you, or the signs warning of sand bars.

Make sure you invest in plenty of safety equipment before you ever take the boat on the water. Each person on the boat, including yourself, must be wearing a life jacket at all times. The reason this is so important is because if someone falls overboard or you get struck by a wave and the boat capsizes, you will never be able to attend to all your guests while protecting yourself.

Map out your course well in advance of heading out for the day. Not only will you be able to locate all the fuel stations along the route, you are able to leave behind information with someone on shore who can pin point your location in the event of trouble. Rather than a search team scouring miles of ocean, when they know your course, they can get the help you need faster.

Invest in a good boat mechanic and schedule regular maintenance checks. The boat may appear fine on the surface, but a skilled mechanic can spot potential trouble before it happens when you are miles out at sea without anyone around to help. The boat mechanic will keep up all the moving parts of the boat and inspect the hull for any potential damage that could lead to a severe leak while you are out having fun with your family and friends several miles out at sea.

Now you should have a better understanding of the things needed to be addressed before and during your time on the water. By taking a proactive stance, you eliminate many of the risks that could turn a bad situation on the water into a deadly one.


6 Tips for Safely Hiring a HVAC Contractor

Summerville HVACTake the time now to study up on the right way to hire an HVAC repair company and you will be better off in the long run. Making mistakes hiring the wrong contractors can cost you valuable time, money, and wear on your system.

Barrus Heating and Air a provider of HVAC repair Summerville SC gives us 6 tips for safely hiring an HVAC contractor.

1. Start by asking for referrals. If you ask your friends, coworkers, neighbors, or family, chances are pretty good that someone has had a recent interaction with a local HVAC repair company. Pick their brain and get a feel for how the overall transaction went before you simply call the first company you come across.

2. Head over to Facebook and join your local rant/raves group. This is the place where locals take about everything from the best pizza in town, places to get an oil change, to HVAC contractors to avoid. Take notes and ask questions, your neighbors will be more than happy to share a recent experience they had with an HVAC company that worked on their system.

3. You need to get familiar with the licensing and insurance requirements in your state or you could fall victim to working with a company that isn’t skilled enough or protected to work in your home. These licensing and insurance requirements are put in place to protect your home in the even the contractor has an accident and does significant damage. Without protection, you will be on the hook if they come crashing trough the ceiling in your living room.

4. When choosing between HVAC contractors, ask each of them for referrals. Call a few of these referrals and inquire about the job performance, quality of work, and timeliness of the overall project. This is a good time to ask if the contractor honored the quoted price or if there were hidden fees at the end.

5. Ask the contractor if they can provide you with a free home evaluation and written estimate. The team should be spending a considerable amount of time inspecting the system before hitting you with that estimate.

6. Get everything in writing and detailed as possible. What you want to do is compare line by line, the items on the estimate from warranty, cost, labor, to efficiency of the system being installed.

Now you know the right way to hire an HVAC repair company. Invest a little time and you will have the best chance to work with the most qualified technicians in your town.


The Keys to Finding the Best Real Estate Agent

Real Estate RebatesFinding the right real estate agent can mean the difference in a realty deal taking months to a deal taking years, and you have the ability to choose the right realtor if you know what to look for. Before you simply work with the first real estate agent you come across, take the time to go through this list from and you will be aligned with the best agent for your needs.

Here are some of the things to consider when shopping around for the best real estate agent.

Start your search for the right real estate agent by asking family, friends, coworkers, and neighbors, if they know of anyone who recently bought or sold a house and had an amazing experience with the real estate agent. If you are able to get a few names, that will get you on your way to locating the best realtor for your specific needs.

Head over to Facebook and join a few local groups on real estate or even the rant and raves page. This is where all the locals are going to be offering up information about dealings they had with a particular real estate agent. The best part is you don’t even have to post anything, you can scroll the pages and find countless posts started by people who want to rave about the way a deal worked out with a realtor or how they found an agent that was the worst they ever dealt with before.

Once you have a list of potential real estate agents to choose from, narrow down the list by inquiring which, if any, of the agents offer their customers real estate rebates. These rebates are a fraction of the realtor’s commission that they pass on to the client by way of a check at closing. For a house that sells for $250,000 – $300,000, the client could get a commission check for over $2,500 or more at closing. There is nothing to apply for or quality for, you simply need to find a realtor that takes part in the practice.

Visit the social media pages of the realtors you are considering, you can gather quite a large amount of information in the way this professional interacts with current, previous, and future customers.

Now that you have all the information at your fingertips for finding the best realtor, put your plan into action and you will be well on your way to a successful realty transaction. For more info like this visit:

Top 10 Tips for Staging Your House Like a Professional

Premier one real estate agents told us recently that the key to selling your house in the least possible time is getting the buyer emotionally connected. If you don’t you run the risk of the house staying on the market too long, and then you having to drop the price month after month to keep up with the declining market.

Here are the top 10 staging tips from Charleston luxury real estate professionals for getting buyers emotionally invested in your home so they drop an offer.

Charleston Luxury Real Estate1. Curb appeal is everything when it comes to getting a buyer out of their car and into the house. Hire a professional landscaping company to transform the property.

2. Once the outside is in shape, get a cleaning company to the house to professionally clean the windows, carpeting, upholstery, tiles, and floors throughout.

3. Rent a local storage unit and get boxing some of that clutter you have. The garage, closets, and basement need to be as roomy as possible for the buyers to feel there is more than enough room for their belongings.

4. Take down family pictures. The goal here is getting buyers to feel like they can easily imagine their family in the house, not picturing your family not there.

5. Make any repairs that are long overdue. The last thing you want is a potential buyers thinking about all the additional money they will have to spend to get in the house. It will be cheaper to fix before the buyers get to see the damage.

6. Pull back those curtains and open the blinds, get as much natural light into the house as possible.

7. Turn on the lights in all the rooms when a potential buyer is coming to the house. They shouldn’t have to be fumbling around for the light switch when their time is limited.

8. One of the keys to getting a buyer interested is leaving the house empty for them. It might be inconvenient, but grab the kids and pets, and disappear until they are done looking at the house.

9. Start boxing up those extra pots and pans cluttering the kitchen cabinets. People will open those draws, so they need to look as spacious as possible.

10. Light a candle, play some soft music, try to make the house look and smell as inviting as possible for the potential buyers as they make their way around the house.

Now that you know the 10 staging tips for selling your house quickly, get working because the right buyer could be the next one that sees your house.