6 Tips for Safely Hiring a HVAC Contractor

Summerville HVACTake the time now to study up on the right way to hire an HVAC repair company and you will be better off in the long run. Making mistakes hiring the wrong contractors can cost you valuable time, money, and wear on your system.

Barrus Heating and Air a provider of HVAC repair Summerville SC gives us 6 tips for safely hiring an HVAC contractor.

1. Start by asking for referrals. If you ask your friends, coworkers, neighbors, or family, chances are pretty good that someone has had a recent interaction with a local HVAC repair company. Pick their brain and get a feel for how the overall transaction went before you simply call the first company you come across.

2. Head over to Facebook and join your local rant/raves group. This is the place where locals take about everything from the best pizza in town, places to get an oil change, to HVAC contractors to avoid. Take notes and ask questions, your neighbors will be more than happy to share a recent experience they had with an HVAC company that worked on their system.

3. You need to get familiar with the licensing and insurance requirements in your state or you could fall victim to working with a company that isn’t skilled enough or protected to work in your home. These licensing and insurance requirements are put in place to protect your home in the even the contractor has an accident and does significant damage. Without protection, you will be on the hook if they come crashing trough the ceiling in your living room.

4. When choosing between HVAC contractors, ask each of them for referrals. Call a few of these referrals and inquire about the job performance, quality of work, and timeliness of the overall project. This is a good time to ask if the contractor honored the quoted price or if there were hidden fees at the end.

5. Ask the contractor if they can provide you with a free home evaluation and written estimate. The team should be spending a considerable amount of time inspecting the system before hitting you with that estimate.

6. Get everything in writing and detailed as possible. What you want to do is compare line by line, the items on the estimate from warranty, cost, labor, to efficiency of the system being installed.

Now you know the right way to hire an HVAC repair company. Invest a little time and you will have the best chance to work with the most qualified technicians in your town.