Top 10 Tips for Staging Your House Like a Professional

Premier one real estate agents told us recently that the key to selling your house in the least possible time is getting the buyer emotionally connected. If you don’t you run the risk of the house staying on the market too long, and then you having to drop the price month after month to keep up with the declining market.

Here are the top 10 staging tips from Charleston luxury real estate professionals for getting buyers emotionally invested in your home so they drop an offer.

Charleston Luxury Real Estate1. Curb appeal is everything when it comes to getting a buyer out of their car and into the house. Hire a professional landscaping company to transform the property.

2. Once the outside is in shape, get a cleaning company to the house to professionally clean the windows, carpeting, upholstery, tiles, and floors throughout.

3. Rent a local storage unit and get boxing some of that clutter you have. The garage, closets, and basement need to be as roomy as possible for the buyers to feel there is more than enough room for their belongings.

4. Take down family pictures. The goal here is getting buyers to feel like they can easily imagine their family in the house, not picturing your family not there.

5. Make any repairs that are long overdue. The last thing you want is a potential buyers thinking about all the additional money they will have to spend to get in the house. It will be cheaper to fix before the buyers get to see the damage.

6. Pull back those curtains and open the blinds, get as much natural light into the house as possible.

7. Turn on the lights in all the rooms when a potential buyer is coming to the house. They shouldn’t have to be fumbling around for the light switch when their time is limited.

8. One of the keys to getting a buyer interested is leaving the house empty for them. It might be inconvenient, but grab the kids and pets, and disappear until they are done looking at the house.

9. Start boxing up those extra pots and pans cluttering the kitchen cabinets. People will open those draws, so they need to look as spacious as possible.

10. Light a candle, play some soft music, try to make the house look and smell as inviting as possible for the potential buyers as they make their way around the house.

Now that you know the 10 staging tips for selling your house quickly, get working because the right buyer could be the next one that sees your house.